How SEO helps businesses grow online

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimizing websites as per the algorithms of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. SEO helps the websites improve their search engine rankings, which ultimately helps the websites attract more visitors.

Why SEO?

    Simply speaking SEO helps you by:

  • Bringing better quality visitors to your site
  • Increasing quantity of visitors on your site
  • Showing organic results
  • It’s organic way to bring visitors to your website, therefore you don't need to pay for any advertisements while using SEO.
  • SEO results are far better than PPC and other paid promotions

How does SEO work?

SEO works by understanding the searching patterns of people, the answers they seek, the words they use, the content they consume. Using this data helps you provide high quality content on your website, which your visitors will be attracted to. No matter what the website is about, be it an informative, blogging, e-commerce, or a personal website, SEO can help you increase visitors on your platform.

Applicability of SEO:

SEO has universal demand, cause who doesn't like more visitors on their website, that too without paying for annoying ads.

How can it help businesses grow online?

When talking about growing business online, SEO might prove a boon for your businesses online presence.
The majority of the web users click on one of the top 10 suggestions on the search engine result page, those 10 suggestion are also often called as 10 blue links. SEO helps your website reach those 10 blue links, and if done properly it can place you on the number one spot in search results. SEO helps you beat your competition, if your website is better Search Engine Optimised than your competitor.
Proper SEO will help you get genuine visitors to your website, the ones who are really interested in buying your goods and services, hence increasing conversions.
Visibility plays an important role in making your business popular, and people trust search engine results, therefore being on the top in the search engine results for the keywords that users are using, builds trust on your company.
SEO is a must for existence of any business online, and trust me it's not child's play.

How to measure the results of SEO?

Results of SEO can be measured by KPI's ie. Key Performance Indicators. Key performance indicators can be different for every website, like for an e-commerce site Key Performance Indicator would be sales, while for a blog it could be Email signups.

How to select an SEO company?

SEO part is crucial for any website, therefore it should be handled by expert professionals. So before selecting one, the testimonials for the company must be examined, the quality of work can be examined by checking the previous work and feedback of the company. The employees who work there should be well experienced, and must have complete knowledge of their work. The company must hold a good track record.
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